Sunday, June 19, 2016

Review of split with Hades Mining Co. from Crucial Blast!!

Yet another blast of sonic offal from the open sewers of upstate New York, this time paired up with an awesomely and equally obnoxious Canadian noisecore duo called Harsh Supplement. Like everything else that I've picked up from Continuum., it's an ultra low-fi, disgusting cacophony, for extreme blurr freaks only. Harsh Supplement's side vomits up an unstated amount of barbaric micro-bursts of noxious noisecore, an endless volley of three-second spasms of speedfreak drumming and incomprehensible bass guitar slop, all bellowed into a cheap four track recorder through peals of feedback and basement reverb, with what sounds like an enraged ape bellowing and grunting over the whole thing. This shit is hideous, old-school simian noisecore in the vein of Seven Minutes Of Nausea, utterly unmusical and headache-inducing stuff from these two sickos. Appropriately, their friends in Hades Mining Co. up the ante with their own brain-damaged noisecore assault, barfing up their own jarringly edited stew of pilfered stand-up comedy bits, random dialogue, fucked-up punk rock, weird noises, and berserker blurr that all could very well have been recorded on a hand-held tape recorder, the sound muffled by a suffocating, all-encompassing haze of pot smoke. Zero coherence, zero intelligence, and a total blast. Issued in a limited edition of one hundred fifty copies. Crucial Blast