Harsh Supplement/Cacasonica Split 7"EP

Canadian harsh supplement should be a name for noise addicts I think. Their side consist of 95 songs of raw sounding noisecore ala Deche Charge, Oral Climax.... Their side could be taken from any old early 90ies noisecore tape which prooves that noisecore is timeless and immortal. Cacasonica starts with a funny intro and outbursts into noisecore afterwards. They remind me abit to Ruido de Odio and Escatofagia. A band I'll definetely keep both eyes on. Awesome layout made by a guy from Disleksick!

From: Temple Of Adoration Issue #10. Check out

Harsh Supplement/Hades Mining Co. Split 7"EP

Again awesome noisecore of Harsh Supplement. I like it alot, I think if they would exclude the counting before some songs it would sound even more like an obscure soundwall but thats just a detail. Hades Mining are considered as "Lo-Fi Basement Slopcore" and basically it's noisecore but with many samples in between. It's 50/50 mix. The samples are very weird but fit well in.

From: Temple Of Adoration Issue #10. Check out

Harsh Supplement/Grim Kirby/Colico Split CDR

This release is like a storm. they come, they destroy and they leave ashes on the ground. Ultra insane noise release. started up by Grim Kirby, a noise core blast that deafening your swamping ears. While later Colico take over with their brand harsh noise killer. Harsh Supplement after that proved that noise core is still alive with their mayhem tracks. Both Grim Kirby and Colico deliver one track except HxS with two tracks. There are one last track of silence which I think not supposed to be there since it is cliche for a noise release to have that kind of silence. Overall, this pro CDr release is a must for the noise hunger out there.


Harsh Supplement/I Died Split Tape

I remember once during my Myspace years I had a track from Fuck… I’m Dead on my profile. My friend thought it was a pretty hilarious band name. Maybe it’s the irony of releasing something even when you’re dead, or maybe it’s just the perfect moniker for a band that sounds like they’re in the process of dying on every recording. Either way, the name I Died certainly brings to mind those memories, and I think that the case can be made that both of the artists on this split sound as though their monikers are coming true.

Harsh Supplement is on the first side with some really lo-fi noisecore/shitgrind/I don’t know what else to label them. I love grindcore, though I can’t say I’ve ever found an outlet in noisecore, but Harsh Supplement definitely have the noise-making side down. Everything is so lo-fi that it all blends into itself: the vocalist simply yells things like a man with Tourette’s, the drums are constantly churning out double-bass patterns, and there’s so much fuzz from the guitar that it all just sounds like thuds against a wall. Yet still, the more I listened to it, the more I could pick out the actual rhythms and pitch shifts within the music, and for a nine minute song of pure chaos, it’s actually quite fun to listen to. However, it would be nice to have the guitar just a little bit more forward in the mix just to get a little more mileage out of it.

The I Died side is more straight-up harsh noise, with a sidelong track titled “Interspecies Domination”. It’s pretty clear what to expect here: lo-fi noise worship, with static scrawls of sound and cut-up tracks of differing electronic outbursts. Somewhere in there is a yowl of pitch manipulation, some light feedback and perhaps some samples or tape manipulations. Overall it’s a pretty good track that sticks with the theme for most of the piece, often adding on textures and then stripping them away to come back to the initial sound. The texturing is interesting since the recording is of fairly rough quality, and it all comes together in a muddled but thick manner.

For those who don’t enjoy the all-out shitfest of lo-fi noisecore, you might want to skip the Harsh Supplement side as its very rough, hectic, and just plain noisy; the I Died part of this split will be the side you turn to. But for those that enjoy harsh noise and noisecore, this tape has plenty of both on offer, and they make an unlikely pair that couple well together.


Harsh Supplement / Takashi Ohkawa Split CDR

I’ve talked about Harsh Supplement in the last post, where I’ve told there was another release in the parcel Rich sent me so, here it is! On this CD-r Harsh Supplement focuses on harsh noise, creating a strong wall of noise splitted in two songs, simply called with their length (16:27 and 11:27). They lean a lot to the HNW side of the genre, focusing on an uncomfortable and stressing kind of frequencies tones, managing to deliver a feeling of deep loss and alienation. I prefer their noisecore soul, but I liked this one as well. I think the two sides of the HS coin combined together on a single release can be very interesting.

The other two songs are by Poland masters Takashi Ohkawa, which deliver their classic harsh and unforgiving kind of noise. The first song is almost 13 minutes long and can be described on a bunch of frequencies switches, going from sawtooth waves to white noise, melted with environmental recordings (mainly thunders) and an eerite and non understandable (at least for an Italian and English only speaking guy) speech, which reminds me a lot Attila Csihar in Big Church (Megszentségteleníthetetlenségeskedéseitekért) by Sunn O))). The second track is taken from their split with Filthynoiseanthrope and is a more classic harsh noise song, with a bunch of cool stop and gos at the beginning and a lot of fucked up shit going on, from rubber sound, to cracks and bleeps, passing by bent circuits, distorsion, pitched vocals and so on. Harsh Supplement is cool and Takashi Ohkawa is already a legend of this genre, so I think that if you know those names you already know what to do.

Thanks to Rich / Harsh Supplement for the CD.


Harsh Supplement / Bro Slaughter Split Tape

Oh man. Some days ago I was complaining about the lack of noisecore releases in 2011 and right after that I’ve received this parcel from Richard of Harsh Supplement fame. It contained this split tape with Bro Slaughter and the split CD-R with the might Takeshi Okawa. Well, since I will talk in another post about the disc, let’s focus on the tape. It features a session recorded at the end of January with a two pieces line up, with Richard on drums and vocals and Andrews on guitar. They play an old school kind of noisecore, with short blasts full of distortion and dissonance. The usual structure of the songs is the classic a sticks giving tempo or more musical part + bursts of noise and mayhem. This stuff resembles a cool mix of late Deche Charge, Chavos-era 7 Minutes of Nausea, early New York Against The Belzebu and Aunt Mary, all mixed with a cool usage of vocals that reminded me a bit the first demos by Cripple Bastards. It’s quite weird since even if Harsh Supplement shared their way with a shitload of bands I really love (like Gorgonized Dorks, Disleksick, Sauerkraur, Morality Declined, Ultra 9000, Primordial Sounds and Deche Charge) this is actually the first time that I’ve listened to one of their releases. This stuff is really good and can keep up to a lot of classic bands’ latest efforts. The “production” sticks to the old school style, with songs recorded directly with a distinctive effect of “rehearsal”. Harsh Supplement isn’t only about short bursts and chaotic songs lasting just a bunch of seconds. There’s a cover of classic Ramones’ tune Sheena Is A Punk Rocker and here and there they slow down and play longer songs, with a very cool 80′s hardcore vibe. Not to mention the long and sludgy segments around the fifth minute. I don’t know what you could want more. Harsh Supplement managed to play very cool old school noisecore adding personality and variety in such a narrow genre. Very cool tape indeed.

On the B-Side we can find Bro Slaughter. This legendary act is made by Dave and Pat from Ontario hall of famers Disleksick. They play one track only, called Cage Match Main Event (Shitnoise Remix) which is basically, well, a shitnoise recording of thos two fuckers playing a cage match main event on WWF No Mercy for N64. Yep, nothing more two Canadian noise freaks sitting around and playing videogames and talking nonsense about it. This is the essence of shitcore and a direct reference to the master of noise pioneering, the mighty A.R.C.A.D.E. also knows as Dan Charge, Frank Goshit, Chain Saw & Martin playing with a Mortal Kombat coin op. There’s nothing to talk about this side, this is PURE noisecore attitude recorded on tape, like the Destroying Your Stylus EP by Gorgonized Dorks (a 7″ record porpusely ruined scraping its surface) or the Pasztö Power EP by Pasztörözött (a sandpaper disc). You will either love it for the concept behind it or hate it considering it a waste of time. I’m totally on the former one and I hope you are thinking about it like I do.


"Small Doses" Compilation CD

49 – HARSH SUPPLEMENT – Untitled
Drums + bass awesome noisecore from this duo coming from Canada. They are not the last arrived, so you can relie on their ability to create very cool old school noisecore buried in a super lo-fi recording. This session starts with a pretty classical one-two-three NOISE attitude and then explodes in a mayhemic whirlwind of distortion and pissed off vocals. Cool stuff!