Past Shows:

February 19th 2009 @ 62 Bell St. W/ The Castevets, Vile Intent, Picked On, Dirty Nuns, Four-Stroke.
June 21st 2009 @ Hull House. W/ Mudlark, Scumbelly.
July 19th 2009 @ 443 Kent St. W/ Point Break, DCOI.
November 27th 2009 @ Hull House. W/ G.O.D, End Program, H.O.P.E, Dirty Nuns.
January 4th 2010 @ 443 Kent St. W/ Substance, Think Again, Stand By Me, Think Twice.
January 30th 2010 @ Hull House. W/ Power Cup, Prisons, Whiskey Shits.
May 7th 2010 @ 443 Kent St. W/ Disleksick, The Donner Party, Annoize.
October 28th 2010 @ Cafe Dekcuf. W/ The Valveenus, Farlers Fury, Hennesy
July 12th 2011 @ Cafe Dekcuf W/ Ashes, Bruce Boris, Gusto Fiasco, Whiskey Shits.
September 10th @ 443 Kent St. W/ Dead Peasants Revolt, Shot Nerves, Spilt Guts.